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Buy Nike Air Max 2016 Cheap Nike Air Max Sale

Posted by admin 31/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Buy Nike Air Max 2016 Mens Womens Running Shoes

Air Max is Nike's high-end running shoes, the use of the house full of palm visualization in the end, comfortable foot feeling. 2016 version in the end and the end of the 2015 version and no difference between the air outside the same AIR MAX words, indicating that the cushioning experience remains the same. Mainly in the upper changes in the larger, the new knitted upper with exposed Flywire fly line design more fit comfort, and the number of flying lines from 5 to 6 pairs. The outside of the Swoosh logo also moved from the heel to the foot, more conspicuous. Overall look at the Air Max 2016 look better, and more sporty, suitable for mild exercise or daily wear
In 1987,Nike Air Max Tinker Hatfield design launched Air Max 1 opened a new chapter running shoes, although Air Max 1 is not the first pair of air cushion to build the running shoes, but it has created a running shoes visualization in the end of science and technology precedent. Since then, Nike is committed to the larger, can accommodate more air cushion unit to join the shoes, we also witnessed such as Air Max 90, Air 180, Air Max 360 and other classic shoes birth. From 1985 to 2016, Air Max has gradually become the Nike brand history, the best-selling, the most representative of the shoes.
Today, Nike Air Max 2016 our evaluation of the protagonist is the Air Max series of new work - Nike Air Max 2016. For the first time to see the Air Max 2016, I believe we will have the feeling of acquaintance: signs of the whole palm of the air cushion, Dynamic Flywire fly line and the construction of the network by the shoe body, which is almost the same as the previous Air Max 2015 to maintain the same configuration , The change in shoes is only to increase the number of flying lines and Swoosh Logo position, and in Swoosh and heel place to add 3M reflective material. Although the Air Max 2016 in appearance does not give you a surprise, but for running shoes, the performance is often more important than the shape. Here, please everyone to explore the Air Max 2016.
If we simply to "soft" and "hard" to distinguish between a pair of running shoes cushioning performance differences, Buy Nike Air Max 2016 no doubt Air Max 2016 is a pair of absolutely enough soft running shoes. But in many marathon events, we are hard to find Air Max series of shoes trace, the participants are more willing to choose to carry Air Zoom or Lunarlon technology shoes. For a pair of running shoes to withstand long-distance test, the absorption of the feet brought great pressure at the same time, need to provide a certain amount of feedback to reduce the burden on the feet. But unfortunately, the author only in the Air Max 2016 felt the "blew out", the impact was completely absorbed at the same time, get the feedback is minimal Believe it is also the reason that many people choose to Air Max series shoes as a healthy shoes or fitness shoes, rather than as a training shoes.