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New Nike Air Shoes Nike Air Zoom Structure 20

Posted by admin 21/03/2017 0 Comment(s)

Cheap Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Womens

First of all we should clear a point of view, stable Nike Air Shoes for whom to wear. In general, if your feet have a slight or more serious internal rotation, that is, when the feet fell to the feet after the rotation
Because of this foot type landing and normal landing position under the heel of the rotation has a big difference, so the "normal human" will be the original should also be in the evolution of the human body in a normal landing posture is interpreted as "inside Spinover or severe valgus ".
After the so-called stable running shoes, they are mostly in the arch inside the use of more dense material or add additional support material for anti-floor heel with the internal rotation, and then help you find the "normal" road running Posture, to avoid a more serious "internal rotation or serious turnover."
We today's evaluation of this pair of Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 is a pair of these running shoes Structure series after generations of replacement, and then on the 20th generation of return to the most stable design of running shoes, the use of higher density materials and give up the previous generation of the use of the support bar design. The new dynamic support dynamic support technology effect is to be tested.
Always do not doubt Nike in the running shoes on the design of the ability, Structure 19 on the inside of the support bar is like a scar so that listeners heard tears sad. And regardless of its function in the specific role of how much this design alone Nike will not let it survive the natural life cycle.
So in the Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 prototype design, Nike the first time to remove the original support for the support of the bar design. Instead of using the solution shared by most current running shoes, the use of larger foam materials instead of the original support bar.
After the update of the Structure 20 in shape to pleasing to the eye a lot, coupled with the color of the vamp design, Structure 20 can be very easy to attract some of the value of the party's vision.
Nike Air Zoom Structure 20's upper support relies on the newly designed Dynamic Fit dynamic fit technology, which is simply a reordering of the Flywire dynamic fly line. In the past, the Flywire fly lines arranged on both sides of the upper vase are reduced to both sides of the structure 20 on the Structure 20.
Although Dynamic Fit's nouns sounded very damn, it did not make up for the problem of insufficient support for the upper 20 of the front of the structure. The runner's upper can not provide a good sense of parcel, so the feet were a bit inside the shoe Overly relaxed.
It touches the position of the shoe set each of the four of the total of 16 of the Flywire fly line well completed the arch wrapped mission, a little stretch of shoelaces will be able to feel the flying line on both sides of the feet pressure. This design has played a very good role in the fixation of the arch and the shoe.
But this time in the upper support on the loss of Nike Air Zoom structure 20 in the next generation can be considered to increase the upper flywire fly line design.