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New Nike Lunar Shoes Nike LunarTempo Sale

Posted by admin 28/03/2017 0 Comment(s)

otsale Nike Lunartempo Mens Running Shoes

2015, Nike Lunar lunar month series of development so far, has been born out of a variety of shoes for different sports methods, and today we will bring you the most suitable for everyday training wearing light weight shoes LunarTempo The LunarTempo Since the beginning of the design, engineers from the brand wanted each runner to find their own training path, LunarTempo hope that runners can in every day of simple training can find the feeling of the game, it should be said that Than the previous Lunar lightweight models to be more durable, and more comfortable.
One-piece "fly line" vamp design both support and breathability, for the runners is a very comfortable experience. This LunarTempo running shoes in the plastic runway on the use of a good sense of the soles of the elastic performance is also very obvious, the shoes are very light, run up is not laborious; and when it is used in the asphalt road, the temperature and some environmental factors on this pair The use of running shoes or will have a certain impact. In the end it has its own technology? What kind of runners are most suitable for this running shoes?
In the design of the Nike LunarTempo shoes, with the simple fly line uppers, this time in the LunarTempo on the use of the Flymesh Upper technology, not only abandoned the traditional cutting and sewing footwear steps and completely seamless, more prominent dynamic Lock the maximum support effect, of course, this technology is not completely spread all the uppers, but the choice of distribution to the most need to place the site, one of the forming of the upper part of the heel with the weaving process, creating a strong support The effect of the foot and forefoot is relatively relaxed and breathable weaving density, for these parts to bring both excellent flexibility and permeability of the wearing experience, while the technology also greatly reduces the waste of materials, ultra-light upper Design the most suitable for fast-paced training mode like runners.
Another heavy technology from the LunarLon in the end,Buy Nike LunarTempo the technology has been widely used in a variety of running shoes, the higher performance has been affirmed, the special deployment of the Full-length LunarLon ultra-light midsole material, lighter Flexible and more comfortable, this is what this product would like to bring the runners. Unique flywire fly line inside the support design, and shoelaces together to achieve the best support effect, comfortable package to be reflected. In the durability, the full palm of the LunarLon in the end of the long-term comfort experience coupled with the outsole alone added waffle material, effectively enhance the wear resistance and stability.
Nike LunarTempo This is a most suitable for routine training of lightweight running shoes,Buy New Nike Lunartempo like the fast run, the pursuit of better results in terms of players, wear LunarTempo can enjoy the fun of running experience.